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Middle/High School

IEP Planning for Middle/High School Students

By the time your child has reached this point in their education, it’s likely they will be independently managing their IEP needs. During this time it’s important that you continue to evaluate their progress and needs to ensure they are receiving the services expected under the terms of their IEP plan.  Often at this stage services are dropped or neglected without a parent realizing this has happened. Regular communication with the school counselor assigned to your child will alleviate these concerns.

A few questions to ask as you’re evaluating your student:

  • Are they continuing to reach expected milestones?

  • Are they continuing to receive the services outlined in the IEP?

  • Am I receiving regular progress reports? 

  • Am I in contact with a teacher, counselor, or therapist at my child’s current school?

  • Are there any changes to the services of which I should be aware?

  • What are the goals and objectives set for them in the coming school year and how will they be measured and reported?

  • What is a convenient time for a monthly call or meeting to evaluate progress or concerns?

NEW: Criterion for Integrated Employment Location

The Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) in the U.S. Department of Education (Department) has received requests for further clarification of the definition of “competitive integrated employment."  Read more on this discussion here.


Tip #1: Once a child reaches 18 years of age, the school automatically begins discussing all IEP planning directly with them. It’s important to know this since many children are still in school during this time. Parents should be diligent to continue regular conversations with their child to ensure they are aware of program changes.

Tip #2 – The school is obligated to invite all students over the age of 14 to their own IEP meetings. Students can decline the invite, come for the entire meeting or stay for part of the meeting. They also sign the attendance sheet.

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